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Creating the Carrot


What do I mean by “adding value” to your online presence?

'Value', in this case, refers to Useful and Reliable information.  By adding it to your web site or facebook page, you demonstrate your expertise to potential customers.  PLUS it will elevate your site's ranking on search engines (see SEO below).

What sort of information can be added?

Why is added value' important?

Kingston is growing [see the official stats].  The number of newcomers far outweighs the number of people leaving the city.  Most of these newcomers will look to the internet for new service providers.  They are likely to begin their quest with a quick keyword search. If you have lots of keywords related to your business, you stand a better chance of ranking high in search engine results. Higher Search Engine rankings + positive, believable reviews lead to more enquiries about your product or service.  An added benefit is that you will learn more yourself - about technological advancements, design trends and more.

Wiki explains SEO
Search Engine Optimization involves adapting the content of your website so that search engines, like Google and Yahoo, show the site earlier and more frequently in the results list.

But who has the time?

Very good point.  Regular, fresh content takes time to research and produce.  Here are some tips and tricks

Need help ... ?

With more than 20 years experience creating customized communications products for small to medium-sized enterprises, tmwstudio is able to offer clients with smaller ventures the benefits of big-business tools without the big-business cost.

We tailor-make administrative, communication, marketing and human resource tools to help you run your micro-business smoothly and professionally.

Have a look through our offerings ... then give us a call to see how we can help you and your small business thrive!

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