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Bend Me, Shape Me


Isn’t “Team Development” Overkill in a Micro-Business?

Whether you have one, long-term, trusted employee or a string of temporary staff, a comprehensive team development strategy will help you be more productive – and more profitable. Now, I’m not talking about a phone-book-size manual or an Outward-Bound type getaway in the Ozarks. Rather, I’m suggesting a few down-to-earth concepts held together with some practical, and affordable, hardware.

How Will it Help My Business Survive and Grow?

According to recent surveys and studies, the some of the biggest challenges micro-businesses have to contend with are:

  1. Finding and keeping qualified workers
  2. Staying abreast of emerging technology, market trends and government regulations
  3. Making time for marketing and administrative tasks

What does Team Development Strategy Involve?

Define Your Staffing Needs in Terms of Strengths
Take a good hard look at your business. What do you already have? (skills / capital / ideas) What do you need?

Hire People with Complementary Knowledge & Skills
Aim for a variety of strengths and skills within your team. Let everyone on the team know each others’ strengths …

Train Early & Update Often
Get your new hires off to a running start with a comprehensive and engaging orientation. Aim for consistency in product or service delivery. Update everyone as soon as new products appear or new techniques are put into play.…

Provide Essentials Generously
Make sure your people have the tools, supplies, skills and flexibility to do the best job they can. Handbooks, Reference Guides, Policy Manuals, Branding Manuals aren’t just for Big Business.

Encourage Thinking ‘Outside The Box’
Set aside time to discuss industry trends, brainstorm marketing ideas.

Give and Get Regular Feedback
Establish a feedback routine and follow it. Always give positive feedback – not just what’s wrong, but how to fix it. Let your team know you are interested and appreciative of their input.

Reward Productivity and Innovation
Sales above normal, positive customer feedback, surviving a minor catastrophe, a whacky idea for a storefront display – these all deserve attention.

Delegate Often
Aim to make yourself dispensable. Even if you have the time, let your staff do things outside of their regular job. Having reliable support will give you the time you need to develop your business further.

Make Time for R&D
Have staff test products, research industry trends, ask customers about their experiences

Market Dynamically
Advertising >>> comprehensive marketing – your staff is your marketing team – Make sure they’re familiar with your preferred Brand Identity

Need help ... ?

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