marketing and administrative tools
for micro-business success

how we work


the chat (about an hour)

Tell us about your business, what makes it special, what sort of budget you have in mind.

the grab bag (3-5 business days)

We'll put together an a-la-carte menu of suggestions that might include ...

the selection

You choose what you need and when. Planning for additional tools in the near future can save a bundle on design fees.

the production

Printing, purchasing, assembling, etc ... we take care of that.


the philospophy

Make it unique. Keep it simple.

the price

The fee for the initial consultation and delivery of the 'grab bag' is based on the size of your business. It generally ranges from $50 to $200. This fee is due upon delivery of the 'grab bag' and will be applied towards the cost of any final deliverables.

Out of pocket expenses, such as printing and production, are charged upon approval of artwork.

Consulting and design fees are charged upon delivery of final product.

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we tailor-make administrative, communication, marketing and human resource tools
to help you run your micro-business smoothly and professionally

| business cards + logo design | | templates for proposals, contracts, invoices | | subcontractor handbooks + project tracking systems | | product or service FAQ sheets, brochures, flyers | | reliable customer appreciation + feedback systems | | marketing, market surveys, trade show displays, productive online presence, including responsive web design + social networking services | | practical and pragmatic, job descriptions | | catchy recruitment gizmos, staff training modules | | team-friendly handbooks and other production or service-oriented utensils | | functional feedback + appraisal tools, performance reward programs |