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TMWstudio has its roots in an international corporate consulting firm that created specialized communications products for a small group of select clients in the private and public sectors.

It produced promotional presentations, training products and team collaboration tools in many mediums. For more than two decades, the firm incorporated each new medium into its product line as the medium appeared. In fact, it was a pioneer in web site development for small consulting firms and government "skunkworks".


The company wasn't biased in favour of any particular technology, so it had a unique ability to recommend the best media mix for every project. It created online knowledgebases and provided clients with supporting print, digital video, and interactive computer-based products.

The team of researchers, writers, graphic designers and technical specialists collaborated with clients from the earliest stages of project conception to design and final production. The team physically produced the final product or focussed on the creative process and handed off production management to clients.

Either way, the philosophy was that the simultaneous development of content and delivery vehicles is the key to any successful communications project.



As time will have it, most of the senior partners passed on or retired. The original firm finally shut its doors in 2010 after 21 years of solid success.

But, the force was still strong, and a new enterprise was born.

In keeping with tradition, the Studio incorporates new media as they appear - responsive web sites and social networking are just two examples.  We also maintain the same level of dedication to the needs of our clients, working one-on-one to create tailored communications tools.



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