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Small Business Success

With more than 20 years experience creating customized communications products for small to medium-sized enterprises, TMWstudio is able to offer clients with micro-ventures the benefits of custom-fit, big-business tools * without the big-business cost.

Whether your business is brand new or a keystone in the community ...

Have a look through our offerings ... then give us a call to see how we can help you and your small business thrive!

tools include things like ...
dynamic web design, facebook pages,
eye-catching business cards, promotions, FAQ sheets,
trade show displays, PowerPoint presentations
eye-catching infographics


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we tailor-make administrative, communication, marketing and human resource tools
to help you run your micro-business smoothly and professionally

| business cards + logo design | | templates for proposals, contracts, invoices | | subcontractor handbooks + project tracking systems | | product or service FAQ sheets, brochures, flyers | |  reliable customer appreciation + feedback systems | | marketing, market surveys, trade show displays, productive online presence, including responsive web design + social networking services | | practical and pragmatic, job descriptions | | catchy recruitment gizmos, staff training modules | | team-friendly handbooks and other production or service-oriented utensils | | functional feedback + appraisal tools, performance reward programs |


TMWstudio offers a series of informative essays
on small business communications
written by TMWstaff

creating an on-line presence

working with sub-contractors

branding your microbusiness

strategic team development

social networking

adding value online

marketing your business with videos

problematic procrastination

can e-coupons bring in new business?

trade show tips and tricks

website security